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Social Media Toolkit

We won't end child labor in the United States without public pressure. The Campaign to End US Child Labor has prepared this social media toolkit to support you to spread the word that US child labor must end.

You can click to share the posts below on X/Twitter, and you'll be able to personalize your message before posting. You can also download all graphics, copy all posts, and share on other platforms.

The rest of the world is desperate to #EndChildLabor, but the #UnitedStates is scrambling to INCREASE it. Take action with the Campaign to #EndUSChildLabor - 40+ expert orgs & academics - & call on legislators to end exploitation

In the #UnitedStates, some children are especially vulnerable to #ChildLabor violations. Take action with the Campaign to #EndUSChildLabor & make sure ALL kids are protected by strong federal AND state laws.

Labor inspectors.png
Labor inspectors SQ.png

DYK there are only c.740 federal labor inspectors, covering 11 MILLION workplaces, in the #UnitedStates? Since 2019 #ChildLabor violations in the #US have increased by a massive 88%. @USDOL needs more staff to help #EndUSChildLabor

Rollbacks SQ.png

Despite some #US states trying to roll back #ChildLabor laws, others are working to increase protections. It IS possible to work with legislators to ensure children are NOT being exploited - write to them today to #EndUSChildLabor!

Fast food.png
Fast food SQ.png

For many kids, working in a #FastFood chain is a rite of passage. But working the late shift on a school night violates federal child labor law. Most #US #ChildLabor violations in 2023 were in fast food chains. #EndUSChildLabor 

Meatpacking SQ.png

Kids as young as 12 were found cleaning #US meatpacking plants, including unaccompanied children who fled violence & poverty for safer lives in the #UnitedStates. Family dinners should not come at the expense of a child's freedom. #EndUSChildLabor

Agriculture SQ.png

Do onions make you cry? They should when they're farmed with #ChildLabor, right here in the #US. Children as young as 12 can toil an unlimited number of hours in our fields. #EndUSChildLabor 

Car parts.png
Car parts SQ.png

Child safety is a top priority when we buy a car - we shouldn't have to think about the safety of the children who helped make them. But in the #US, children as young as 12 were found making vital parts for cars. #EndUSChildLabor 


It's 2024, but some #US legislators are trying to turn the clock back 100 years to bring back #ChildLabor. Be part of the movement to stop this. Write to your representatives & ask them to support the Campaign to #EndUSChildLabor! 

Florida SQ.png

Do you live in #Florida? Do you want to stop the rollbacks of #ChildLabor protections in your state? Join the Campaign to #EndUSChildLabor & write to your legislators, & stop them from putting Florida's kids at risk.

Indiana SQ.png

Do you live in #Indiana? DYK that some of your legislators are trying to roll back #ChildLabor protections in your state? Join the Campaign to #EndUSChildLabor & write to stop them putting Indiana's kids at risk.

Kentucky SQ.png

Hey #Kentucky! Do you want 12 year-old kids to be in work programs? Some of your legislators do! They also want to end Kentucky's right to enact stronger state #ChildLabor laws than federal laws. Don't agree? Write to legislators now! #EndUSChildLabor

West Virginia.png
West Virginia SQ.png

Do you live in #WestVirginia? DYK that some of your state legislators are trying to roll back #ChildLabor protections for your kids? Join the Campaign to #EndUSChildLabor & write to legislators to stop these dangerous rollbacks now!

Wisconsin SQ.png

Do you live in #Wisconsin? Your state legislators have voted to remove #ChildLabor protections, putting your kids at risk. If you want to stop this dangerous rollback, write to @GovEvers, ask him to veto this bill! #EndUSChildLabor

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